Browse through the website and take a look at the collection of published books, along with some other past material.

To start off, take a look at “Dubya and Me,” which was originally published in American Scholar. George W. Bush has recently been in the news because of the photograph of Hilary Clinton and Bush smiling together on Air Force One, looking at a product of his new hobby — painting. Read the story for an in-depth look into the former president’s life.

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  1. Will Brecheen says:

    Just about half-way through your book “Crossings”, and what an eye-opener. It would be interesting to know what changes have occurred at “ground level” over the years since your journey. I was born in Texas and came to California at the age of five with my parents, so I’m pretty much a California kid for practical purposes. I did visit my grandparents’ farm north of Dallas from time to time and had some experience with the Black members of their rural community.
    Looking forward to finishing the book and will no doubt be back in contact.
    Thanks for writing it!

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