Next Wave

Next Wave is proof that the gift of telling true stories has been passed triumphantly into the hands of a new generation of storytellers.”  –Jon Franklin, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, author, Writing for Story

“Amid all the hand-wringing and nay-saying about the future of journalism, Next Wave offers abundant, compelling proof that non-fiction literature is fervently alive and well in the hands of a new generation of writers. This book is a worthy successor to such classics as Tom Wolfe’s anthology, The New Journalism.”  –Samuel G. Freedman, award-winning author, columnist, and professor, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Next Wave collects the work of today’s finest young writers–nineteen creative reporters whose work builds upon foundations laid by previous generations, dating back more than fifty years to John Hersey, Lillian Ross, Gay Talese, and Tom Wolfe. Naysayers predicted the decline of long-form journalism with the rise of the Internet. But Next Wave is evidence that literary journalism is alive and well, and that artful journalism will never go out of fashion. Each chapter includes a bio, personal essay on how each magazine or newspaper story from a different up-and-coming writer.

Stories include: A poor man who discovers a $1 million bill. The tragedy of a beloved pet chimp run amok. The sad yet hopeful tale of a first-year teacher in an impoverished school. The Florida woman who died in her house—and nobody noticed. The confusing genetics of one of the world’s greatest athletes. Inside the horrifying minute-by-minute events during a Washington, DC, subway crash that took nine lives. The prosecutor, caught in a sting by Dateline’s “To Catch a Predator,” who takes his own life. A father and his autistic son, out for a swim, who are swept out to sea. A woman who legally abandons her child. An unthinkable crime in the vineyard that produces burgundy’s finest wine. The last days of a former star basketball player, chasing his demons through the jungles of Brazil. The horse-track veterinarian who ends the lives of beautiful creatures. The fortitude of a shrimp boat captain trying to maintain his family’s long tradition in a changing world. A reluctant high-school football player who died on the practice field. A good woman who may have been wrongly convicted of killing her adopted, troubled child. A wounded soldier who is given a new skull. And profiles of movie critic Roger Ebert and pop diva Britney Spears that offer rare and substantial glimpses behind the curtain of celebrity.


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